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The Raw Office proudly supports both non-profit and charitable organizations. As a member of the community, we are committed to giving and supporting in a number of different areas.

One of our most important accomplishments is being designated a "Certified B Corp." The designation is highly respected and challenging to attain.

B Lab

B Lab

B Lab is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 in Berwyn, Pennsylvania. B Lab created, and awards, the B corporation certification for for-profit organizations. Organizations that receive the globally respected "B Corp" designation must meet or exceed a number of criteria around sustainability and social benefits.

Raw Office's annual membership fees for B Corp certification achieve multiple objectives. They ensure that Raw Office credibly demonstrates that the company meets the highest verified standards of environmental and social performance, governance and accountability. Being a B Corp also means being part of a community of people using business as a force for good. It also entails contributing financially to advance B Lab's mission and a shared vision to create a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economy for all.

We believe that B Lab is making progress, particularly as it advances new communities of practice for climate action and justice, and racial equity, as well as related advocacy campaigns.

Product Donations

The Raw Office's generous product donation program assesses the outcomes that organizations are achieving in line with their missions, and our shared vision to create a more just and sustainable economy and society.

The Raw Office has donated to grassroot, non-profit organizations locally and globally that have faced challenges by serving disadvantaged and in-need populations during the pandemic. By donating PPE to these various organizations, Raw Office has sought to help reduce the health impacts associated with the transmission of COVID-19 which has been particularly affecting low income and marginalized populations in communities.

We focused on donating PPE to support organizations with frontline workers serving disadvantaged stakeholders. While larger organizations were often able to purchase large quantities of PPE, the smaller organizations had no budget for this unexpected expense. They were often unable to afford PPE even if they were lucky enough to find it. Our donations enabled charities to keep their doors open, to safely continue their community outreach and to keep their staff and volunteers safe and protected.

Here are a few of the incredible organizations we were proud to be able to support;

Sakeena Homes

The mission of Sakeena Homes is to establish a network of sheltering projects which provide a safe and nurturing environment for Muslim women and children so that they may be given equal opportunities to excel, grow, and thrive with respect and dignity.

The Redwood

Women's primary concern when seeking out help from and arriving at The Redwood is safety for themselves and their children. The Redwood recognizes this vital need and mobilizes immediate care to meet all safety and well-being concerns by providing the following services including crisis intervention, secure shelter, cultural interpretation, and harm reduction and safety assessments.

The Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto�

The Native Women's Resource Centre was founded based on the need for a gathering place in Toronto where Aboriginal women could share resources, support one another, and practice their traditional ways.

SMILE Canada

SMILE Canada�is a charity dedicated to supporting racialized children and youth with disabilities and their families, with a focus on Muslim communities, including refugee and new immigrant families.

The Yonge Street Mission
YSM Toronto is an association by, for, and about women and girls. Their programs promote equality, economic security, and lives free from violence. The Yonge Street Mission offers a range of housing options, employment and training programs, community support programs, girls' programs, and family programs.

EcoSchools Canada
We are proud to help these groups continue their vital missions. Our shared vision of business leadership and collaboration helps create a more just and sustainable economy and society.

Cash Donations

In addition to the PPE product donations The Raw Office makes, it also makes a number of cash payments to directly support the organizations listed below. These organizations have missions and goals that align with those of The Raw Office.

1% for the Planet

Raw Office is a member of 1% for the Planet to credibly demonstrate that the company gives at least 1% percent of sales to environmental organizations. See:

1% for the Planet certifies giving on an annual basis by confirming that Raw Office's gross sales. Raw Office is meeting this commitment through a combination of cash, in-kind, and product donations. 1% for the Planet non-profit members that Raw Office supports include B Lab, Bonneville Environmental Foundation, Green Kids and Green America.

Raw Office and its environmental partners were also recognized by 1% for the Planet for Best Network Collaboration in 2019.

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Bonneville Environmental Foundation, an approved 1% for the Planet nonprofit partner, helps businesses address their environmental footprints through innovative solutions. Together, Raw Office and Bonneville Environmental Foundation are working to reduce methane emissions from several landfills in the Northwest United States by 30 times.

Green America
Green America is a non-profit whose mission is to harness economic power - the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace - to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Green America certifies businesses that are committed to using business as a platform for social change.

Raw Office supports Green America's work by adopting principles, policies and practices that improve the quality of life for customers, employees, communities, and the planet.

Green Kids
Raw Office's President Jeff Golfman is a board member of Green Kids. See: Jeff supports the organization by sharing his knowledge and expertise on environmental issues and management. This helps Green Kids to continue providing entertaining, educational programming for school-aged children that raising awareness about the importance of environmental stewardship and living "greenly". For more information see Green Kids' 2020 Annual Report:

As the pandemic continues to evolve, The Raw Office will adjust our giving strategies to ensure maximum benefit for our community. We are proud to play this key role in our community.

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