Community Giving.


The Raw Office is committed to bettering our community with a variety of initiatives. Raw Office Community Giving Program falls into 3 categories:

1. Partnerships with Care Providers
2. Direct donation of PPE
3. Volunteering in the community

# 1 - Partnerships with Care Providers

  • Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • Canadian Association of Social Workers

The Raw Office has partnered with a number of Front-line care providers during the pandemic.

The goal is to provide support and safety for medical practitioners and front-line workers.

Criteria for Partner Selection

We chose to support organizations that had close contact with the general population and that can reach large amounts of people quickly for the largest impact during the pandemic. Assisting these groups helped meet the both the physical and psychological needs of the general population, who had been cut off from essential treatments.

These were care providers who could not have continued to provide needed personal services without the protection that The Raw Office PPE provided. We continue to help these providers, and the general public, safe.

We assist these organizations by taking an active role and helping them continue their respective missions thanks to sustainable revenue.

CASW Mission: The mission of CASW is to promote the profession of social work in Canadaand advance social justice.

CCA Mission: As a visionary organization, the CCA is the leading advocate for the muscular, skeletal and nervous system health of all Canadians. We promote high quality research, excellence, integrity, and innovation in chiropractic care that upholds the public trust.

ACA Mission: To inspire and empower our members to elevate the health and wellness of their communities.

CASW Annual Report
ACA Annual Report
CCA – no annual report posted

OUTCOMES – Partnerships with Care Providers

In 2020 alone, here are the amounts of PPE distributed through or Partner Programs:

700,000 masks
199,200 gloves
23,838 litres of disinfectant and sanitizer

# 2 - Direct Donation of PPE:

In addition to supporting medical practitioners with difficult to obtain PPE during the pandemic, The Raw Office also selected worthy charitable organizations who required donated PPE to continue community outreach programs.

Here are examples of a few recent outcomes from The Raw Office charity program.

Yonge Street Mission

Donated PPE enabled staff and volunteers at The Yonge Street Mission to safely continue important community outreach programs such as harm reduction for at-risk populations, and food distribution programs for clients of The Yonge Street Mission.

Duration of outcome: 2-4 months

Native Women’s Resource Centre

Donated PPE enabled the Native Women’s Resource Centre to continue to provide inperson counselling and assistance and safe gathering spaces for Toronto’s indigenous women.

Duration of outcome: 2-4 months

Smile Canada

Donated PPE enabled Smile Canada to resume operations following the second wave of the pandemic much more quickly than would have been possible otherwise.

SMILE Canada is a charity dedicated to supporting racialized children and youth with disabilities and their families, with a focus on Muslim communities including refugee and new immigrant families.

Duration of outcome: 2-4 months

In 2020, the donated items totalled: 1,200 masks, 1,800 gloves, 15 litres of hand sanitizer.

# 3- Volunteering in the Community.

Each year, all staff are surveyed to capture personal volunteering. Everyone is encouraged to volunteer for 2-4 hours per month, on company paid time.

We celebrate and encourage each employee’s personal achievements and annually canvass proposals for team volunteering projects.

The Raw Office, President volunteers as an active Board member for Green Kids, and each employee is encouraged to have a personal charity they support.

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