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Transforming Business Supplies

Send 123 Source’s Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Approach

Send 123 Source is a product of The Raw Office, dedicated to the procurement of business supplies. The Raw Office is a certified B Corp who is disrupting the market for business supplies for large corporations and small businesses. The Raw Office helps businesses save money, control costs and be more eco-friendly with its 100% carbon neutral supply chain and Artificial Intelligence powered ordering platform.

Send 123 helps businesses with product sourcing, order financing and eCommerce technologies. To date, Send 123 Source has fulfilled more than 36,000 orders totalling over $38 Million in lifetime revenues on its proprietary software.

During the pandemic, when supply chains broke down and first responders in healthcare were without protection, Send 123 Source designed and built supply chain and inventory management software that allowed Send 123 Source to helpfirst responders stay safe. Ultimately, Send 123 Source was able to distribute: 126,153,717 face masks, 39,033,400 nitrile gloves, 768,275 rapid test kits, and 44,845 face shields within North America and around the globe on its Send 123 technology.

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Maximizing Efficiency with Eco-Friendly Business Supplies

Overall, Send 123 Source platform provides customers with access to a wide selection of eco products for their businesses, while providing them with an average 20% financial savings and 50% time savings. Since 2016, Send 123 Source (Raw Office) clients have experienced a 90% decrease in ordering mistakes and been able to increase the recycled content of their purchasing by 229% recycled content.

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100% Carbon Neutral

Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Over 182,000 Products. We have taken a deep dive into the supply chains of our top selling products across every category we offer to do a life cycle assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions from raw materials to a final product at your doorstep. With these product emissions calculations, we have calculated the carbon calculations explicitly across over 182,000 SKUs available on our platform.

We’ve tracked each product's shipping emissions between each stage of production, and from warehouse to distribution center, to your business. Our calculations were made with data from our own operations, our distributors, and our product manufacturers. Where specific data points were unavailable, such as the exact plastic mixture of a pen, we used publicly available information on materials processing, and proprietary emissions factors to create the most accurate as possible.

Tracking Environmental Impact and Encouraging Sustainable Choices

The overall finding is that Send 123 Source customers are encouraged to choose more eco-forward products in comparison to what they might have bought previously from other suppliers. Send 123 Source also has a live tracker on its website that shows all the good our customers are doing for the environment. The display is a running total from the past year and reflects what’s been realized by Send 123 Source customers through their purchasing over this time period:

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