8 Ways That Your Company Can Triple Bottom Line

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Most businesses have one goal. To maximize profits. In fact, legally speaking the board of directors, the officers and management have a legal fiduciary duty to make decisions that maximize the profit bottom line. 

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 This singularity of purpose often comes at the expense of the people involved and to mother nature as well. Often short-term decisions are rewarded and long term are penalized.

Research has shown that we do not have to sacrifice and choose between short term gains, profits and the people involved. There are numerous examples of socially and ecologically responsible businesses that have been able to thrive on all fronts in a win-win-win outcome.  

In fact, recent reports have shown that businesses that have a social mission and act on a triple bottom line mission out perform the competition. Harvard Business Schoolfound that “High-sustainability companies significantly outperform their counterparts… both in terms of stock market and financial performance”.

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The triple bottom line goal is to balance these priorities in synchronicity: People, Planet and Profit.


Here are easy some ways that your business can:

  • Employee Stock & Bonus Plans
  • Employee flex time and work at home options
  • Employee health plan
  • Eco Friendly procurement policy & decisions
  • Green energy
  • Recycling and composting bins at the work place
  • Complete the B Corp free assessment and see how you compare https://bimpactassessment.net
  • Complete the eco checklist and see how you score 


Jeff Golfman has been an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, protecting our planet and healthy living for the past 28 years. Jeff is the Founder and President of The Raw Office which helps companies exceed their sustainability goals, save money, and publicize their bonafide eco achievements.

Click here to see how The Raw Office provides affordable Eco Friendly procurement options to businesses by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to provide a free eco and financial assessment.

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