3 Ways That Your Office Supplies Can Change The World

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Researchers say that the average human has thousands of thoughts each and every day. It is likely that supplies for your workplace are not one of those thoughts.

For most people the procurement, logistics and delivery of the business supplies are invisible and beyond the day-to-day thoughts.


At The Raw Office, we eat, breathe, sleep, and exist for your company’s supplies. Truly we do. And below are the top 3 reasons why:

  1. Mission Critical:

Although the business supplies may not be the most exciting thing and are likely out of sight out of mind for most people, try going one day or even one hour without toilet paper, tissue paper, hand soap, ink/toner, paper, pens &/or chairs, desks etc. Supplies are the fuel that drive your business.

  1. Eco Impact:

Every business buys supplies and makes procurement decisions. Regardless if you’re an online business, a start up, a home based business, a brick-and-mortar business, a manufacturer, a service company, a consultant or whatever. Each and every business makes decisions on the supplies that they require. Yes technology has reduced and eliminated certain categories, but business supplies are a $52 Billion Usd industry in the USA and it is not going away. Ever.

Green World

The supplies that a business purchases can either have a positive or negative impact on the planet. In fact, our procurement choices determine what kind of future we are leaving for our children and what kind of ecological footprint we are having while we are here on terra firma.

  1. Purchasing Power:

As individuals and small businesses we each have relatively small global purchasing power and a limited amount of influence on how things get made. However, each and every month as we grow in size and attract new businesses to partner with, our purchasing power and our ability to affect positive change in the supply chain improves.

Online shopping

At the Raw Office, we make efforts to affect the supply chain’s eco impact and footprint all the way down to the manufacturing and raw material level. And when we get truly get to scale, we can influence the suppliers and manufacturers to implement even more green procurement options and more eco-friendly materials and more socially responsible practices.

Globally the manufacturing sector is more than $ 15 Trillion dollars annually and one of the largest employers world wide. If we can affect change at the material and manufacturing level, together we can change the world.


Jeff Golfman has been an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, protecting our planet and healthy living for the past 28 years. Jeff is the Founder and President of The Raw Office which helps companies exceed their sustainability goals, save money, and publicize their bonafide eco achievements.

Click here to see how The Raw Office provides affordable Eco Friendly procurement options to businesses by utilizing Artificial Intelligence to provide a free eco and financial assessment.

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