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Three Groups The Raw Office Is Proud To Support

Posted by Michele Medrano on June 22, 2021

The Native Women's Resource Centre of Toronto (NWRCT) was founded based on the need for a gathering place in Toronto where Aboriginal women could share resources, support one another, and practice their traditional ways.

The Raw Office has supported their efforts by providing protective equipment PPE such as masks, gloves and disinfectant / hand sanitizer to this amazing charity which provides a safe and welcoming environment for all Aboriginal women and their children in the Greater Toronto Area.


To donate, please visit: https://nwrctportal.ca/live/

SMILE Canada is a charity dedicated to supporting racialized children and youth with disabilities and their families, with a focus on Muslim communities including refugee and new immigrant families. In addition to vaccines, wearing PPE is the most powerful defense against COVID transmission, for that reason The Raw Office has contributed kids masks, adult masks, sanitizer, and gloves to this deserving charity.


When one community steps up to support another, It is a beautiful thing!

To donate, please review their website: https://www.smilecan.org/

EcoSchools Canada works to nurture environmental leaders, reduce the ecological impact of schools and build sustainable school communities.

RAW OFFICE is honored to support the current efforts of this charity by donating supplies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as adult masks, sanitizer, and gloves.

eco schools

If you would like to support environmental leadership in Canada, please visit their website: https://ecoschools.ca/

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