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Raw Office Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Posted by Samera Ali on October 20, 2020

Raw Office Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Raw Office

The threat of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us but there are many who are at extreme risk right now. The economic impact of the pandemic means that those who are living in poverty face additional challenges. People living on the edge will undeniably face mounting stress as the income they once relied on disappears – as many businesses come to a halt by the order of the government.

As a team, we felt very privileged to be working for the Raw Office. As a B Corp, we believe in social and environmental accountability which allows us to balance profit and purpose. It only made sense that we give back to the communities that we work and live in. Knowing this we decided as a team that we wanted to donate to various causes that are close to our hearts. As our first contribution within the RAW Office corporate social responsibility program. We decided to donate to Young Street Mission (YSM) with a contribution of PPE to help the most vulnerable women and girls in our city during this pandemic who need this support now more than ever.

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YSM Toronto is an association by, for, and about women and girls. Our programs promote equality, economic security, and lives free from violence. We offer a range of housing options, employment and training programs, community support programs, girls’ programs, and family programs; we also engage in systemic advocacy.

YSMs #: #TransformTorontoTogether, #PartnersForChange & ,#TransformTorontoTogether

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