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How Green Is Your Office? Do The Free Eco Checklist!

Posted by Jeff Golfman on Mar 30, 2018

Having helped hundreds of offices all over North America reduce their eco impacts, we have seen the best practices of eco responsibility.

In order to help you assess quickly where your office ranks, we have developed a quick eco checklist that allows any office to determine how eco responsible they are. 

Come take our free Eco Assessment

The Eco checklist is a free tool that takes less than 5 minutes to complete! The checklist contains 26 simple multiple choice questions.

Once you complete the eco checklist, you will see the score for your company ranging from 0-100 total points. The most eco-progressive companies receive a score of 80+. The rest of us have some work to do.

The questions cover all areas of eco impact that affect a companies total footprint like: recycling, composting, product procurement, energy usage, food & water consumption, cleaning supplies, how the team commutes to work et al.

Eco Checklist

It truly covers the whole gamut of choices that companies make and how it affects their total eco impact. The checklist will also serve a good reminder &/or suggestion list to people looking to make a difference at their office. 

Take the Free Eco checklist today. It’s free. It’s anonymous. It’s fun.


Jeff Golfman has been an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for innovation, protecting our planet and healthy living for the past 28 years. Jeff is the Founder and President of The Raw Office which helps companies exceed their sustainability goals, save money, and publicize their bonafide eco achievements.

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