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About The Raw Office

Posted by Nick Riebel on Feb 21, 2016

The vision for The Raw Office was born out of a simple necessity – in a nutshell, to facilitate responsible purchasing decisions. With over five decades of combined experience in sustainability, The Raw Office sells eco forward office supplies directly to consumers and businesses, with an emphasis on small to medium sized enterprises.

We wanted to create a transparent marketplace where consumers don't need to worry about falling victim to clever “greenwashing” schemes, or get turned off by a lack of affordable eco options.

The Raw Office is first and foremost an office products company – We provide great service, great guarantee, great price, and we just happen to be eco forward.

Why? We want our core values to reflect in our consumption habits and as such, we feel the need to purchase and consume products made responsibly. We believe that business should act as a force for good and pursue a triple bottom line supporting people, the planet, and profit.

We curated and selected more than five thousand dark green eco forward products for you that meet the three pillars of sustainability – quantifiable environmental, economical, and social impacts - and we show you the Raw Score for each item that we sell.

The Raw Score is our proprietary algorithm for calculating the sustainability factor of products, so that you get to do less label-scrutinizing and environmental eugoogoolizing while shopping at The Raw Office.

As advocates for conscious consumption and environmental sustainability, we are changing the paradigm by empowering you to make eco savvy purchasing decisions. We are committed to offering you a better experience through our products that meet our strict environmental standards, and through our dedication to saving you both time and money.

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